Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Loop proof

For a while now, I've realized I have a bad habit. I think the habit is perhaps best illustrated by recent XKCD comic "The Loop".

XKCD Comic 1441 - The Loop

As I refreshed reddit for the umpteenth time, I stared at the screen and asked myself:  

What am I doing with my Saturday morning? What am I actually doing. I'm refreshing reddit. Then I'm refreshing a news site. Then I'm on facebook. Then I'm checking my email inboxes. Then I'm back on reddit again! This isn't fun, or productive, or rewarding. Why am I actually doing this?!

Struck with this insight  I closed my chrome instance. Within seconds, and without thought, I had started it again and was back on reddit and the news site. This unconscious action was very unsettling to witness first hand. I subsequently blocked the affected sites both on my desktop and laptop computers.

I'll still browse these sites on my mobile phone, but thanks to my gargantuan bear-hands, that's so awkward and clunky I don't at all seem to get stuck looping in the same way. Incidentally, the weeks that have passed since I implemented this change have been very enjoyable. I've had so much more time, now that I don't waste a bunch of time every day looping.

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