Saturday, May 8, 2010

SGU is awesome

This post is dedicated to the television show "Stargate Universe". If you have ever seen the show, you're probably wondering if I'm drunk or stoned after having seen the title of this post. I am neither. But don't get me wrong, taken at face value, the show is mind-bogglingly, appallingly bad. A poorly executed clone of "Battlestar Galactica" and "Lost" made worse still by gratuitous overuse of shakycam, and characters devoting every waking moment to plotting and scheming like high-school kids with a heightened sense of self-importance.

This is what google has to say:

The search results yield loving comments like
[I] hope [the monster] eats half of the crew and the rest die in a fire.
... which really speaks for how utterly SGU fails to evoke even basic sympathy for the characters, evoking less emotion than the struggles of 20x20 pixel sprites.

So why do I claim that this universally jeered at TV-show is awesome? At first, I watched it, and during each episode I thought "why am I watching this crap?". When the episode was over, I thought "why did I sit through that crap?". Then the answer struck me: So I could discuss with others how bad it is. For once, everyone agree on something. Nobody likes SGU.

This show is so blatantly bad that everyone can be a snide critic without spending hours on TVtropes learning the cliches. And being snarky is fun, especially with friends, heckling together against a common enemy. SGU brings people together. People meet to discuss how bad it is, offline and online. Whether or not you like sci-fi or the stargate franchise in general; you'll definitely be able to join in hating SGU.

A SGU shot game doesn't need rules. The show makes you want to kill your brains on a regular enough basis as it stands. And that is why I love it.