Tuesday, December 7, 2010

System instability, revisited

So, my system has been fairly stable since the last incident, but now it's taken another step on it's slow journey towards oblivion.

This time I was visited by seasonally appropriate graphical artefacts (i.e. small white boxes appearing and disappearing randomly). I was running the system under average to high load when they paid a visit. Switching from proprietary nvidia drivers to "nv"-drivers fixed it slightly, but it quickly turned worse so I rebooted. The artefacts mostly vanished, but some persist around alpha-blended graphics. Edit: This appears to be some sort of CPU saving mechanism in KDE 4. It mostly happened around widgets, but re-sizing them caused it to vanish.

Fig: Residual graphical artefacts. The entire screen looked like this, or worse. I tried to screenshot the mess at the time, but at that point, it was so bad I couldn't distinguish any dialogs, and therefore had no way of saving it.

This would indicate that the source of the problem is either the graphics card, or the memory corrupting the nvidia driver.

I'll run some more memtest86, and if that doesn't find anything, do a GPU transplant.

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