Saturday, May 8, 2010

SGU is awesome

This post is dedicated to the television show "Stargate Universe". If you have ever seen the show, you're probably wondering if I'm drunk or stoned after having seen the title of this post. I am neither. But don't get me wrong, taken at face value, the show is mind-bogglingly, appallingly bad. A poorly executed clone of "Battlestar Galactica" and "Lost" made worse still by gratuitous overuse of shakycam, and characters devoting every waking moment to plotting and scheming like high-school kids with a heightened sense of self-importance.

This is what google has to say:

The search results yield loving comments like
[I] hope [the monster] eats half of the crew and the rest die in a fire.
... which really speaks for how utterly SGU fails to evoke even basic sympathy for the characters, evoking less emotion than the struggles of 20x20 pixel sprites.

So why do I claim that this universally jeered at TV-show is awesome? At first, I watched it, and during each episode I thought "why am I watching this crap?". When the episode was over, I thought "why did I sit through that crap?". Then the answer struck me: So I could discuss with others how bad it is. For once, everyone agree on something. Nobody likes SGU.

This show is so blatantly bad that everyone can be a snide critic without spending hours on TVtropes learning the cliches. And being snarky is fun, especially with friends, heckling together against a common enemy. SGU brings people together. People meet to discuss how bad it is, offline and online. Whether or not you like sci-fi or the stargate franchise in general; you'll definitely be able to join in hating SGU.

A SGU shot game doesn't need rules. The show makes you want to kill your brains on a regular enough basis as it stands. And that is why I love it.


  1. Are you serious? The problem is you can't just watch a few episodes. I just watched the season finale and I must say that the show is one of the best shows I've ever seen in my life.

  2. Oh, I've watched them all. I have no idea why, but I have. And I'll grant you that the last couple of episodes were actually reasonably watchable.

    The show embodies so many notions that I have serious philosophical problems with that if I didn't know better I'd say they were intentionally trying to annoy me.

    Most importantly with the misconception that civilization is just a thin coat of veneer on top of the irrational and emotion-driven barbarian Neanderthal that pops out whenever humans are isolated from the rest of civilization (we've got that dismal book "The Lord of the Flies" to thank for that one.) It's a broken model of human behavior. Most people don't work like that. I had hoped that "Space: 1999" would serve as a warning to all TV show writers of just how annoying excessively irrational characters are. But nooooo...

  3. THIS SHOW FUCKING SUCKS!!!!!!! I LOVED ATLANTIS AND SG 1 BEYOND BELIEF. BUT SGU IS A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. I FAAAKING HATE IT. I WANNA SHOOT EVERY LAST FUCKING CHARACTER IN THE LEG SO THEY DONT DIE, BUT BLEED OUT SLOWLY. just kidding i really dont like the show, i think they should somehow turn it into atlantis... like the ship they are all on somehow gets to pegasus and the planet atlantis is on so they can tie it together and then in the first joint episode everyone from universe gets killed by magic faries so its only atlantis. problem solved

  4. I tried to watch it, but someone kept bumping the camera man, and they kept the footage!

  5. You guys are children not everything is bang and boom and all that crap we have seen from star trek to the early Stargate. Ive followed the ENTIRE Stargate franchise from the movie to SG1, Atlantis, and now to SGU. The acting from SG1 and Atlantis is fucking pathetic, the story line is overdone and repetitive just like the Star Trek franchise. Both the storyline and acting from SG1 to Atlantis lack any depth or feeling when compared to SGU. I guess you children can't have a show or film with out any action, with depth, change or a bit darker story.

  6. 1. Things dont have to go bang and boom, but they do anyway. Cos watching people sitting in a room and talking about the same thing week after week is boring. "Oh we're the wrong people" GET OVER IT YOUNG, YOU ARE A MISERABLE USELESS TWAT.

    2. Why did you watch it for 12 years if you thought the acting was "forking pathetic". I dont even see how the storyline, which has captivated millions of people worldwide for 15 or so years can ever be described as pathetic? When there are only so many stories in the world, its hardly surprising that series eventually produce an episode with similarities to that of another show.

    3. When compared with SGU, the earlier Stargate shows had MORE depth and feeling because people actually liked the characters and cared what happened to them. Even if you might think the jeopardy some weeks was laughable.

    4. Children watch the Teletubbies or Ch-Chucklevision. Not Sci-Fi Action/Adventure series like SG-1 and Atlantis. SGU was a Sci-Fi/Drama series, and they usually do very badly because the Sci-Fi audience dont tend to like dramas all that much. They like escapism. Battlestar Galactica worked because whilst it was moody and very morbid at times at least it had all those space battles and, oh yeah it had a point to it. "We're fleeing from the bad evil Cylons and looking for our new home."

    What the hell is SGU doing whilst being moody, oh yeah, the stupid scottish man stranded them halfway across the universe and they arent coming back. The End.

    If i was a SyFy exec, i would have cancelled it after season 1.

  7. ahh come on you dumb shits pull your heads out of your ass. you cant go in to every new show thinking its going to be just like the one that came before it. SG was excellent and captivated me for many many years as did Atlantis but SGU gave a new dynamic its not meant to be like the rest yah it follows the same basic plot and i mean basic plot but the expectation that it needs to live up to SG come on what a joke your a fucking idiot. SGU was all about the depth of the story and to say no one likes the cast and you couldn't develop empathy what a joke. if you didn't like it its because your to simple minded to understand it. ohh and BTW Battlestar Galactica sucked both the original and the remake. BRING BACK SGU BRING BACK SGU BRING BACK SGU BRING BACK SGU BRING BACK SGU BRING BACK SGU BRING BACK SGU BRING BACK SGU BRING BACK SGU BRING BACK SGU BRING BACK SGU!!!!!!