Friday, February 5, 2010

Useful URL tips for google and youtube

A short list of simple but useful tips for youtube and google URLs.

Link to a specific time in a youtube video

Attach #t=AmB where A is minutes and B is seconds to a youtube URL, to link to that specific time in the video.

links to the specific moment where Kirk shouts KHAAAAAANNN!

Google in English

Occasionally, google gets it in it's mind that you want the interface translated to some language other than English, because you are in a country that speaks that language, or because of (broken?) geo-profiling. To clear this, visit

Google query on the fly

If you need to do a quick google query, and want to limit the bandwidth used by only loading the results, or the pages loaded because you're in an awkward text-based browser, learn this URL scheme:, where a+google+query can be replaced with whatever you're searching for.

That is all.

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