Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Blob

Yesterday, something most peculiar happened. I was outside of my apartment, when a black object fell from the sky. I'd estimate it's radius to be around 5 cm and it's height to be 2 cm. It was jet black, hard, and I nudged it with my shoe, and found it had the same approximate density as a rock.

Throughout the day I observed this object. As time progressed, it became increasingly reflective, and a pool of viscous black liquid formed around it. Today all that was left was a pool of this viscous goop.

I snapped some pictures of the sludge, and something that first seemed related, but at a closer look at the pictures doesn't appear to have anything to do with it. It looks more blue in the pictures than it is in reality, since it is highly reflective, and the sky was blue at the time I took the pictures. For size comparison, the light gray rock in the pavement to the upper left of the puddle is about the same size as a larger coin.

I took a sample with some Q-tips and put it in an air-tight glass jar to preserve this substance since science demanded it of me. It was very viscous, and appeared semi-transparent gray against the head of the Q-tips.

I have no idea what it is. Did it come off an airplane[1]? From space? Is it organic? Though I suppose it's not the strangest thing to ever happen.

1 This is actually pretty unlikely. I live close to an airport, but perpendicular to it's runway, so I literally never get any aircraft flying overhead.

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